Monday, April 11, 2011

Extra Kenun-ledge: The Relationship Between Ketchup, Kicap and Budu.

Have you ever wondered why the words Ketchup and Kicap sounds similar?

Well, there's a story to that

As a young boy I was always told by my uncle that ketchup originated from The Malay Land when an Englishman asked a Malay man about the condiment that he was having on his food. The Malay man simply answered "kicap". The Englishman later brought back the idea and created Ketchup.
. . .
Another story that was told to me happened in 18th century Terengganu where an Englishman was walking around a village accompanied by a Malay man. They then stopped at a stall where a local villager was selling some sort of condiment. The Englishman asked the Malay man about the stuff. Being unsure himself, he asked the seller if he could have a taste of the condiment. He said to the seller, " Meh nok kecap!" (Let me have a taste). The Englishman thought the Malay was telling him the name of the food, so he went " Ooo... Ketchup!". He then went back tu his country and created Ketchup.

Having thought that the stories were always part of my uncle's funny jokes, I always regard the stories as tales to be taken with a grain of salt. But something I didn't know back then was theres a fact in what he had told me. But then again, I don't think he knew either. Hehe.

. . .

The history goes like this, Ketchup hasn't always be based on tomato. In the 17th century, The Chinese mixed together a concoction of pickled fish which they called ke-chiap or koe-chiap (鮭汁) which means the brine of pickled fish or shellfish.

It then made its way to the Malay Archipelago in forms of pickled soy beans and came to be known as kicap or kechap. During the British occupation of the Malay Peninsula, this Chinese condiments were brought to the west. Soon, alternative ingredients such as mushrooms, anchovies, oysters and walnuts were used to make ketchup. Tomato was not in the picture until the year 1801 when a certain someone named Sandy Addison came up with the recipe for tomato ketchup.

The tomato ketchup's rise to fame was fueled by the Americans' enthusiasm for tomatoes thus making it a national phenomenon. Soon after that, companies like F. & J. Heinz began to ride the wave by producing the world famous Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Apart from being turned into ketchup, the original ke-chiap may have not gone away at all. Ke-chiap in its original form also found its way to most part of South East Asia and eventually to the west. In Thailand and Vietnam its is currently known as Nuoc Mam and in Malaysia as Budu.

. . .

So there you have it. Ketchup came from kicap and both kicap and budu are related and came from a common ancestor, the ke-chiap. haha

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi!!! Its me Chaeryl again.... After almost 2 years, here I am writing blogs again. I feels good to be back. Hehehe.

A little update on myself. Many, many many things had happened since I left the blogging arena. I managed to finish my studies and have since graduated with a bachelor's degree. I have changed my car again and now I'm back driving a gas guzzler (a greener than the previous version perhaps). And I'm now working with my dad and learning on how to be a successful entrepreneur (pray for me please).

The reason I'm back writing this blog is that I've been having this itch to write something about my favorite topic that is trivial crap but I have yet to have a name for a blog in which to put all those stuff. So I have to make use whatever I have to relieve my itch. (hehehehe... ouch!) I planned it to be written in Malay since there are already many similar sites in english.

So, here it is my very first entry to my yet to be named blog... enjoy !

__________________.: :.______________________

Anda semua minat Dragonball? Siapa yang tidak minat kepada Dragonball... sebuah komik manga epik yang menjadi kegilaan kanak-kanak dan remaja suatu ketika dahulu dan masih diminati hingga kini. Di dalam manga ini terdapat satu perkataan yang amat popular. Apakah ia?

Jika anda meneka "Kame-Hame-Ha" maka anda betul. hahaha.

Akan tetapi tahukah anda dari mana datangnya perkataan tersebut?

Menurut pelukis siri manga Dragonball ini iaitu Akira Toriyama, beliau mendapat inspirasi tersebut ketika melancong ke kepulauan Hawai'i.

Tapi kenapa Hawai'i?

sebabnya ialah lelaki ini...

Siapakah lelaki ini?

Namanya ialah Kalani Pai'ea Wohi o Kaleikini Keali'ikui Kamehameha o 'lolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea atau lebih dikenali sebagai King Kamehameha I atau Kamehameha The Great.

Baginda terkenal sebagai seorang raja yang menyatukan kepulauan Hawai'i dan mengasaskan kerajaan Dinasti Kamehameha di Hawai'i.

Baginda juga merupakan raja Hawai'i yang pertama membina hubungan dengan pedagang barat dan menggunakan kelebihan senjata api mereka untuk meluaskan kuasa.

Setelah tertubuhnya Kingdom of Hawai'i, baginda menyatukan sistem kehakiman di kesemua pulau dibawah pentadbirannya dan juga menggalakkan perdagangan antara Eropah dan Amerika.

Baginda juga terkenal dengan Mamalahoe Kanawai atau "Undang-undang Pendayung Patah" yang mana telah mempengaruhi banyak undang-undang kemanusiaan ketika perang.

Friday, May 29, 2009

This Blog is Entering a Dormant State Again...

Whoaahhh. Last month, I got the urge which I donno where it come from to blog about my industrial training but after few posts, the spirit seemed to have left my body. Haha.

Frankly speaking (or typing), I've been lazy as well as very busy for the past month with my day job, part time job and also with my fifth baby which was officially launched in May. What I mean with baby is the blog of my neighborhood Surau in which I appointed myself as the Blog creator and administrator. (A post which got me elected as the committee member of the surau). 

Since the blog is new and official, which means that the URL is announced in the Surau's notice board and also the people will come and visit it, I have to spend more time for that blog to set up the layout and the theme, and to amke it as interactive as possible. Insyaallah I have used some cunning method in which I have put 2 separate chat boxes in the blog so that the visitors can make thier own announcement and make comments in the blog without signing in.

I think this is crucial so not to put the burden on myself since most of the visitors are of the older generation and not really proficient in blogging (so do I). Also, since most visitors to the blog are workers so it will be convenient to just type anything that is to be typed onto the front page itself without having to go somewhere else to put the comments or articles.

So, this is my invitation to anyone who reads my blog to come and visit to have a look at what I've done and maybe drop some ideas on how to improve it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Am I A Gold Digger?

(Or Murah Rezeki Bila Mengunjungi Masjid)


How should I start my story…

The story began on monday when Foo didn't turn up for work because he got fever. Shuhairy on the other hand had been busy as he had to juggle between his work, extra work, another extra work, exams and also preparation for his wedding. So he basically went in and out of the office all the time.

Came the lunch hour and I were left alone in the office. I felt bored and decided to go to Uniten Mosque for Zohor Prayer before having my lunch at the food court nearby. On my way there, I met my Ustaz who was also going for his lunch. That day he was alone since all other staff at the mosque went elsewhere. So I decided to join him for lunch. We both ate Arabic rice, which comes in a huge portion. We then talked about ourselves and about how I opened a new blog for our neighborhood mosque. He then asked me to make one for the mosque in his neighborhood. Then when we're done eating, he paid for my meal which was to me, quite costly. Hurm… This one is acceptable because he kinda paid for my favor.

The next day, The same thing happened. This time I asked the Ustaz if he had his lunch but unfortunately, he already had his. So I walked out to the food court to have my lunch. Then came my Head of Department (the Boss of my Big Boss who recently came back from Mecca) I greeted him and selamber-ly asked him if he had his lunch. He said he haven't and invited me to join him. Bagaikan "pucuk dicita ulam mendatang" I said to myself "I don't have to eat alone today, at least I got company." So I followed him to the food court. Actually, I am not really close to him as I would with my Ustaz since I was his student for only 1 semester and we never lepak together before. This time we went to the mamak stall beside the arab stall. We took our food and then when it comes to paying for the food, He said to Kabir the cashier to include mine together. I said "Tak payahlah Dr… Seganlah…". Since he insisted I just let him paid but since I was not the type who took advantage of the generosity of others, I cancel my plan for banana smoothie (walaupun if I wanna order also can) and opt for plain water since he had the same.

That was okay but the thing that makes me felt bad was that he finished his meal first and had to wait for me. Then, after the meal I just thanked him and we parted ways. That makes me feel that I'm using him so that I can get free meal.

But, Thinking back what had happened the past 2 days kinda showed me what my mother had always reminded me that when people visit the mosque often, God will be generous upon you and will provide you with livelihood in ways you would never expected.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Industrial Training Online Log

Day Eight

8.30 p.m. ~ I'm still in my office.

Today has been a pretty stressful day for me. Not because I had a lot of work to do but for being in a very tight position. So tight in fact that I almost choked myself. Came to the office in the morning in the heavy rain. But, I'm not as gloomy as the weather as I was in full spirit to work. I came earlier than others, stamped my attendance and got out to greet other people (who came later than me of course). Then I came into the office just to find Foo's leg all wrapped up. He said that he sprained his foot and could not follow me to the site.

As soon as I had set up my workstation, I went on to work straight away. Printed few documents and went up to the EAC room. Then I went to my boss's room to pass some empty files given to him by those upstairs. Then I went back to my office. From the first encounter with my boss, I started to feel that something is not working so well. My full spirit had spilled and now got only some left.

Shortly after that, my boss came to my desk asking about the task that had been given to me. I said there are some that I had done and some others which I have yet to complete since I've been concentrating on the ISO forms for the past 2 days. (Actually I don't have mood to open my Soil Mechanics book to search for the info. I was hoping that I could somehow magically get a copy of the soil lab manual which I can copy straight away). He asked me can I finish it by that day itself? I was not so sure that I can finish it in one day since it involves a lot of work and I kinda promised Dr. Lee which is my boss's boss to bring his PhD student to get some soil sample. The thing was that I forgotten to tell him on the day we made the promise with his boss. Then he started giving his lectures about him being my immediate supervisor and I had to report solely to him. He then tried to call Dr. Lee but the line was not answered. Then he said to me to try to delay the site visit.

I immediately started on the new task given by my boss but having not eaten anything since morning, I felt really hungry. Then Shuhairy asked us to join him for breakfast so I followed him. Foo on the other hand wanted to go see a doctor regarding his sprained foot so he did not follow us.

We went for breakfast at La Rizz in Sungai Merab. After I ordered so much food hen only I realize that my wallet got left in my car back in Uniten. So, terpaksalah Kamal (Shuhairy's funny talking friend) paid for us all. I'm really sorry for that.

Then Shuhairy brought us to see the property in Sg. Merab that he's gonna buy from his uncle. The plot of land still got trees (and lots of them) on it. So he told me about the planning for development of the plot of land and asked me if it's okay to do so. I replied that it depends on the area and that you have to conduct a proper study to determine that.

Later we went back to the office. As I walk to my office, I saw Mr. Haidar, the Iraqi PhD student waited in front of my office door. I was hoping that he would go to meet Dr Lee who is his supervisor but apparently he didn't. He had been waiting for 45 minutes in there to see me. I felt really guilty for him so despite the order by my boss to delay that visit, I decided to just go for it and make it a really quick one. I told Haidar that we kinda have a situation in the office and that I cannot be gone from the office for too long. So I brought him to Desa Malawati in Hulu Klang to get those samples. Actually I regretted taking the sample fron that site since the procedure are very tedious. But it seems that Haidar is really determined to get his sample. We got inside the project site through the gate at the back near the workers cabin. We then snuck through the dark alleys in between the cabins, walking past those indons singing karaoke while some others were eating. After getting our sample, we quickly fled the scene before the site supervisor realizes what happened.

While I was on my way to the site, I got a phone call from my boss. He sounded really upset since I disobeyed his order. He asked me "Kan saya dah kata suruh tangguh? Kita tengah … blah blah blah and so on and so forth" He asked me about the moderator forms which I did earlier. I said that I gave it to Ridhwan and he put it in the shelf. So maybe he can ask Ridhwan. He then said "Takpelah" while sounded really frustrated. Haiiyooo… I feey really bad. My full spirit has now totally gone.

After getting the samples for Haidar, we quickly went back to Uniten where I drove like a madman. I almost met an accident where a car in front of me suddenly brakes hard that smokes came out from the tyres. Luckily nothing happened and I continued mt crazy driving until we reach Uniten.

I sent Haidar and his samples and head straight to my office. the time was 12.30 p.m. I quickly got inside and start to do my task of doing the soil test description.

Industrial Training Online Log

Day Six

On this day I followed Foo to the office. My brother sent me to his house in Puchong and then we went together to the office. Upon arrival at the office, I was given a set of forms to be filled and to be signed by each lecturer. My boss looked somewhat kelam-kabut on that day and he wanted me to finish filling that form as soon as possible so that I can get the signatures of the lecturer quickly.

So I began my work calling up lecturers to confirm up details about their subjects. One by one the forms got printed. Foo also helped out with the typing.

Then Achong and Afiq came to our office. Actually they just got out of their apartments as it was due for them to surrender their keys. So they needed a place to sit and do their work. Since they are both my best friends, so I let them share my huge table and also my electrical port.

After that, nothing interesting happened and I continued to finish my forms till it's time to go home.


Day Seven

Today I arrived late to punch my attendance by 1 minute due to the unnecessary u-turn that just had to be made by my brother. If not, my record would have been pretty clean with all blue inks printed on the card.

Then I got out again explaining to my brother the way to KL from Uniten. After that, I quickly went inside the office, set up my workstation and finish up whatever not finished from yesterday. Alhamdulillah within minutes it was done and just in time before my boss came in to check on my progress.

Then it's time to go and chase after lecturers for their signatures. By lunch time, the job is done. I then gone to Bangi to have some soup and bun together with Achong, Shuhairy, Afiq, Foo and also Qayyum. Stayed there and sembang-sembang for like 45 minutes then head back to the office.

Then I was instructed to file those forms in the EAC room. What am I supposed to do? So I asked the akaks-akaks from the storm centre to help me locate a new file for me to put the forms in. Hahaha.

Then I left the room to my office to prepare the label for the file. Sesampainya saya at my office, by coincidence, my boss came and ask us to join him for tea. Went for tea until 5.30, went back to the office just to find out that Foo is waiting for me to get home (since I carpool with him). So I packed my stuff and joined him to travel back home.

But the story was not over yet…

At the car park, as we're gonna step into Foo's car, He said to me that by next week, he's gonna get the new car that he ordered. He praises the dealer for being so efficient. Then he stuck in his car key and tried to start the engine. He twisted the key but nothing happened… He tried again but still nothing happened. Aah sudah!!!... The car heard the news and got really upset. So apa lagi? Terpaksalah me and Achong who happened to be nearby push the car to get it started. I had to push the car while wearing my leather shoes on that rugged tarmac. Habislah my shoes. Anyway, after several attempts, Foo managed to get the engine to start and we all can go home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Industrial Training Online Log

Fifth Day

It was a Friday and I don't know why on earth during that day I don all black. I wore Black Nehru-collared shirt, black slack and black shoes. Maybe it was the only shirt that resembles Baju Melayu especially the collar part. Hahaha.

That day was also the day me and Foo started carpooling together. We arrived at the office quite early and got ready to start work. Not long after that, came my boss inviting us to go for breakfast together. So we went to Upten in Shuhairy's new car. After sitting in Upten for around 45 minutes, we went back to the office. At the office my boss said to me that I need to help him finish the ISO thingy. So I said okay to him.

When we got back at the office, I saw some of my friends preparing to do their final FYP presentation. I went to greet them, have a little chat and then return back to the office. Shortly after that, bothe me and Foo were called by my boss to follow him to do the job he asked me before. We went to Pn. Irfah's room. There we met Dr Lee who then asked us both to go to his room. We stayed in Dr. Lee's room for like until almost noon. We talked about many things which most of them involves him repeating the same point over and over again. Ahhh~~ How tiring having to pretend that you're interested in discussing such things. Takpelah… anyway.

After we managed to get out of Dr. Lee's room, we went back to our office and tried to get back to my boss. But apparently he got busy with his FYP students rehearsing the points for the presentation in the evening. I went there and lepak together with them seeing them discussing about which point needed and which are not needed in the presentation. After that, My boss said that he's hungry nad wanted to eat some Arabic food. So, we all together with Faliq and Hamzah went back to Upten to have some Nasi Arab. There, we had a little chat and then I got to know that my boss used to live in Rapat Setia in Ipoh which was neighboring Hamzah's house. Then I also got to know that Hamzah's father was my dad's office mate bach in the days. Hurm… Could it mean that we used to be friends when we were small like I was a schoolmate of Pakdin's when we were in standard 2? Maybe… Maybe not… I couldn't remember. But What I am sure of is that both our fathers quitted Jabatan Kajibumi and went on our different career path. His father went on to be an engineer at TNB while my dad ventured on his own establishing a contracting company.

Aih melalut pulak dah…

After lunch we went for Friday prayer, and then went to Amanah to lepak there for the last time. I didn't stay there for long and went back to my office instead. Then Achong came and lepak in my office until it's time for us to go home.

Haha. Practically my day last Friday was filled with waiting and discussing things. Nothing much done on that day.

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